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A clean office is often a sign of successful business and it can motivate employees to work there.No matter the type of your business, you can’t afford for your commercial premises to be anything but immaculately clean. Book a regular office cleaning with us. Your employees will thank you for providing a good working atmosphere. Your clients will get a positive imagine from your business.
Keep your workplace in spotless condition at any time. Hire the licensed office cleaners in Guildford work with, skilled in cleaning different types of office premises. Every cleaning project is approached with individually created plan to cover all your cleaning needs. All necessary detergents are supplied by us and stored in a secure location in your commercial property. There is also a full insurance cover as part of the service.
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Make your business in Guildford as successful as possible. Use the services of fully trained and reference-checked office cleaners. Book the regular professional support your commercial premises need. Get a service that fits easily in your everyday business activities. You can schedule your cleaning teams at a time, convenient to your working process - after the business day is over, before working hours, or in the weekends.
Advantages of Working With Experienced Office Cleaners in Guildford.
  • Get flexible cleaning sessions for your personalized project with no disturbance to the office workflow.
  • Get the regular licensed cleaning support your business needs.
  • All services come with a quality guarantee and full insurance cover.
  • All office cleaning team members are extensively trained and background-checked.
  • Change your schedule times if needed with just 48 hours notice.
  • Take full care of the interior look of your business property by adding deep carpet cleaning and complete window cleaning to your order.
We can arrange office cleaning for clients with a single office, multiple offices and office complexes in Guildford, Godalming, Aldershoot, Farnham, Farnborough, Woking and surrounding areas.
Best Office Cleaners in Guildfordoffice cleaning serviceOffice cleaning different clients have their own individual requirements with regard to a cleaning schedule. However we are very flexible and adapt to meet the clients requirements.
Whether it be acting as a key holder and cleaning the offices outside working hours either early morning or evening or increasing numbers of clients now like the cleaning to take place whilst they are still working.For contract cleaning companies office cleaning is the most competitive market to break into.
Some organisations change their cleaners on a regular basis, every year or some even every six months because they cannot find a company that will consistently meet their requirements. What we find is that some companies do not have a clear indication of what is expected from the clean. After some time they complain that standards have fallen.
This phrase 'standards have fallen' is oft repeated by a company representative who is complaining about the cleaning. So you ask what aspect of the cleaning has or is not being done. The reply is often along the lines of, well its all being done but the standard is not what we have come to expect. So you then ask if they can give specific examples so that these can be rectified. Answer; "not really its just that standards have fallen". This is the most frustrating part if you are the cleaning services company. So you go in to visit the premises, talk to the company and to the cleaners.
Why does this happen? It can happen for many reasons and these are:
It may be that some employee has found cup rings on their desk in the office and complained that these are not being cleaned.
The cleaners when approached about this maintain that they can never clean that particular desk because it is always full of documents. Or somebody has moved their workstation and complained about the amount of fluff and dirt accumulated around the wiring of their computer.

Office cleaning how are these problems overcome?
The best way of avoiding these problems we find is to carry out a cleaning survey of the premises in which such details can be highlighted and a possible remedy suggested. For example desks can be polished on a rota system in the office and when it is time for a particular block of desks to be polished the individuals whose desks are being done are informed of the impending clean and instructed to clear their surfaces. If they do not then they cannot complain if they are not polished.
Having produced a detailed cleaning survey it should then be possible to sit down with the client and discuss which parts they would like to take up and which can be ignored.
On this basis a quote can then be provided. Both parties are then very clear as to the extent and standard of the clean. So what was subjective before becomes objective and measurable.
The cleaners know exactly what is expected from them and the customer should have a more realistic and objective appraisal of the cleaning.
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Office cleaning vacuuming Puts the Final Touch on Office Cleaning After emptying the bins and doing the dusting, it is time for vacuuming, that final step to keep your office buildings looking clean.
Vacuuming properly does more than just get up the dust and soil particles that can cause permanent staining and damage to a building's carpets. It also prolongs the life of carpets by removing gritty particles that can cut and scratch carpet fibers and hold microscopic soils that cause discoloration.
Vacuuming regularly will prolong the periods between carpet cleaning in your office. Carpet cleaning can be expensive and it is also rough on carpet fibers.
A properly vacuumed carpet removes not only soils and dust, but also pollen that can irritate allergies and breathing problems.
"We always try to be careful not to bump furniture, walls, corners and equipment while vacuuming."
We believe that a thorough and complete vacuum job includes vacuuming under chairs, tables, desks, bins and other easily moved items.
If we have to move any chairs or light objects, we make sure to put them back into place after vacuuming the area.
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Office cleaning we put the final touch on your office cleaning by proper vacuuming. Vacuuming is not only important to keep your office buildings clean, but will also prolong carpet life, and help to keep employees and visitors to the building healthy. Following proper vacuum techniques will keep your buildings cleaner and your clients happy!We are happy to carry out cleaning of your office at a frequency to suit your requirements.
Once we have provided you with a free quotation and prepared a cleaning specification tailored to your office and requirements before we start cleaning your office on a regular contracted basis, we will at no charge whatsoever, give your office a thorough spring clean to bring your office up to a high standard for us to maintain.
As with any business from time to time a problem may occur. The structure of our office cleaning company is such that we are able to resolve the problem immediately to ensure the continual smooth running of your cleaning contract to your satisfaction.
first class servicefirst class serviceAll our customers are very important to us and you are guaranteed a first-class and reliable service. We realize that the appearance of your premises is a reflection of your company's standards and you can rest assured you will receive our best attention at all times."We are specialist in cleaning from small to large sized offices, pubs, bars and restaurants "Our services include:
  • Office, commercial and contract cleaning
  • Common ways cleaning
  • Pubs and Bars
  • Washrooms
Why choose Youness Cleaning Services?We simply offer reliable and consistently high standard of service at exceptional value for money along with a friendly but professional customer service for our local businesses in Guildford and the areas around.

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