After Builders cleaning

After Builders cleaning

Builders Cleaning Service Guildford

Property renovation is a service that includes having builders in the house or apartment. However, if the property is not cleaned well after that, the result might not be what you previously expected.

The purpose of  Youness After Builders Cleaning is to meet these needs. We offer unlimited services. Because of the tasks that have to be performed during the cleaning session, our services are flexible. YounessCleaningLTD is aware that every customer may have different individual needs that depend on the specificness of their situation.

The service was great as well as your technician!

Thank you! My husband was amazed by the fresh spring smell.

Your cleaning services are fast and really stunning!


Our crew of experts is comprised of professionals. They know very well how such a job is performed and the only thing that is left for you is the amazing results after they finish the task. You no longer have to be worried about results and explanations. All you need to do is leave our cleaning operatives to take care of your property. In the meantime, you will be able to enjoy the renovation of your home.

Our company can perform a proper and deep cleaning to your property no matter the occasion. The services YounessCleaningLTD are recognisable and excellent. We also offer advice and customer support. With our help home renovation is no longer considered a nightmare. Our operatives can also perform a cleaning job for you even when the results your builders achieved are better than expected. Ordering an After Builders Cleaning is a good idea even if the premises has not been cleaned for a while. This is the time to remove all the dirt and get the entire place sanitised.

We offer a variety of tasks in our After Builders Cleaning but the results are always the same: a clean and shiny property.

Depending on your situation, our cleaners can complete every task so that your needs and expectations are fulfilled.

  • Removing dust and dirt
  • Removing all the clutter left from the building work
  • Cleaning all carpets and floors in a professional way
  • Deep cleaning door frames, doors, fixtures, skirting boards, sockets and switches
  • Deep cleaning living room, bedroom, kitchen, common areas, plus cupboards (internally and externally) and furniture
  • Cleaning window frames, sills, windows, plaster and paint leftovers
  • Deep cleaning ceilings and walls
  • Polishing all surfaces, de-scaling and de-liming of kitchen and bathroom tiles
  • Deep cleaning stairs and floors
  • Deep cleaning sinks and toilets

If you didn’t find what you are looking for in the above list, we suggest you give us a call. Our cleaning operatives are waiting for you, ready to provide you with the best cleaning seven days a week. They deliver the greatest service and offers in perfect accordance with your needs.

We are available every day, including bank holidays and weekends.